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hello honey | 17.11.- 8.12.2007
Kristi Malakoff

Via her investigations into swarm theory and the ideas of “home”, Malakoff has reproduced a beehive and swarm in its entirety. Drawing on biblical ideas of the 10 plagues, Malakoff’s “trompe l’oeil” sculpture seeks to trick and overwhelm the viewers.

Through her installation work, she seeks to create visceral experiences
for the viewer – creating environments that alternate between beauty and foreboding, and awe and intimidation. In an art world that is often focused on the cerebral, Malakoff wishes to re-introduce the experiences of the corporeal.

Kristi Malakoff is a Canadian-born, new Berlin-based artist and a 2005 graduate of the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, Canada. She has participated in artist residency programs at the Banff Centre (Canada), the Stride Gallery, Calgary, and SÍM, Reykjavík, Iceland. She has exhibited in both group and solo shows throughout Canada and in England, the US and Mexico. Her work is held in private collections across Canada and the US.





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