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Current C | 26.08. - 16.10.2011
Yael Ruhman and Simon Krantz

The emerging Israeli artists, Simon Krantz and Yael Ruhman will be showing a site specific installation at super bien! Krantz and Ruhman will construct a mechanical installation within the greenhouse, using water as a reflective tool to display the motion inside, in delicate nuance, outside. Both artists are reacting to the greenhouse and its surroundings, which they encountered first through the internet and then over the course of a month long residency at the Milchhof. This (global) approach is significant for their artistic method and the election of the essential material

“Current C” deals with the different perceptions of interior and exterior spaces in a global and local context. The seeming accessibility of remote places by means of the web and the media as opposed to acquiring a first hand knowledge of them. Even when an actual physical encounter occurs, it does not necessarily follow that there is a possibility for an intimate acquaintance.

Simon Krantz and Yael Ruhman have been collaborating for three years, formulating site specific installations and sculptural work. Spatial perception is a primal subject in their installations with the intention of visualizing movement and orientation in familiar spaces. The installations are constructed with everyday objects and simple techniques. They create a reflective connection with the viewer and poetic moments develop between the object and the space.

Simon Krantz was born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1979. He immigrated to Israel as a child in1984. Before returning to Israel, he studied sculpture at the Massana Academia Dart i Disseny in Barcelona. Yael Ruhman was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1978. She studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

The project is realized in cooperation with schir-art concepts. (






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