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parts of an alphabet | 21.10 - 3.11.2006
David Keating


David Keating's work deals with issues of consumerism, architecture, and ontological speculations between media, art and everyday experience. In parts of an alphabet at super bien! he has continued his investigations into the ‘stand in’ object with duplications of everyday printed media and objects.

He installed drawings in the greenhouse of meticulously hand painted pages from newspapers and copies of autumn leaves which seemed to indicate a psychical invasion of debris and ephemera from beyond the structure. On closer inspection the newspapers have been intentionally defaced; on one the words “EVOL - LOVE” are cut and appear mirrored from the centre of the paper and another has a typical psychologists ink blot and into the third a complex series of mirrored geometric forms, further individualising and obscuring these reproductions from their pulp media counterparts.



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