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Torsten Prothmann| Autohaus Mitte
04.07. - 29.08.2014

Friday 04.07.2014, 7 pm

Super bien! turns Autohaus. Torsten Prothmann converts the super bien! greenhouse into his version of a Autohaus. He shows a selection of 20 current car portrays, painted in oil on canvas. You will not find reflective high gloss architecture here however, rather the irritatingly simple construction of a shack.

Photographies serve as templates for his paintings. The car portraits, building site detail paintings and interiors like the "jubilation booth" are then created in his studio. In the transformation of these motives Torsten Prothmann aims not to simply portray, nor does he see his work as pure painting. He takes possession of cars through painting and thus re-defines tenures. The fetish car is tuned pictorially and blends in strangely two-dimensional in its surroundings. In a continuing, synchronic process it falls into its components and is reassembled. The correlations of room, time and motion are thus re-negotiated intensively in Prothmann's pictorial installation. (

Torsten Prothmann | Pressrelease



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