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Super bien! is a project initiated by three Berlin based artists aimed at developing alternative strategies for the display of visual art and thereby examining the role of the gallery within contemporary culture. Super bien! functions as a catalyst for the growing interest in exhibition spaces other than the traditional ‘white cube’.

The first installation of super bien! is a gallery constructed from an ordinary green house. This will be situated off a quiet street in a courtyard in Berlin Mitte on the edge of the prime gallery district. 24 hour public access allows projects to be viewed both day and night. The courtyard within which the super bien! green house stands is a bustling, lively environment surrounded by private residential buildings, a youth centre, kindergarden and the Milchhof artists studios where the members of the group work. The greenhouse gallery will remain here until mid 2007.

From there it will travel to a number of temporary venues with differing cultural and climatic contexts. It will work as an adaptive rather than a static framework for the display of contemporary art. Its transparent walls are the sensitive skin of a fragile space which relates to its environment as an object and as a symbol.

The greenhouse is an inexpensive structure, light-weight and modular, which makes it highly mobile. Packed in three small flat cartons it can be sent cheaply to exhibition venues, local and international. Also, this mobility of the structure conceptually underlines the adaptive character of the super bien! project.

The super bien! greenhouse offers the opportunity to explore how an artwork communicates with the environment in which it is exhibited. Should the gallery be defind as a hermetically sealed space -separated from the everyday or should it engage directly with the world?

The project aims to occupy the gray area between the notion of an enclosed museum and a concept of exhibition that allows and encourages public intervention. In this way, super bien! treats the architectural construction of the greenhouse gallery itself as an ideological framework which artists either embrace or negate.

Super bien! is artist run, foundet by Anne Katrin Stork, Carlos Silva and David Keating, since september 2007 run and curated by Anne Katrin Stork. The project will bring together emerging as well as established artists and curators from Germany and abroad. The development of an international network and discourse is a prime aim of super bien!.

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