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*FathersLand* | 24.09 - 17.10.2010
Andrea Brussig

For her New work entitled *Fathers Land* Andrea Brussig has chosen to evoke a world infused with a curious blend of memories of her father, fantastic theories of extraterrestrials, poetic imagery and a wry sense of humour in relation to the greenhouse setting of super bien!. The installation refers in part to an obscure book published in the DDR held dear to both the artist and her father “Das Orakle Der Delphine”. It is telling the story about the private lecturer Berthold Huber, who works and discovers since many years the world of tales and myths in a region of the Tirol (Alps) he developes the audacious theory about the extraterrerial origins of gnomes …

Despite the lofty and esoteric elements of the tale, Andrea Brussig brings it all down to earth by weaving it along with the notion of “The Father land” ( a deep cultural association by an ethnic group to a particular land or country where a national identity began)… in this case her …Fathers land ( where perhaps her personal identity began to take form, nourished both by fantastic theories and the surronding countryside ). The installation in the greenhouse contains earth from her fathers land in the Spreewald, the three garden gnomes with their shovels stand around the earth …a mountain …. a grave …a garden plot….the associations are numerous and open ended.

Parallel to this show Andrea Brussig is showing photographic and sketched interpretations of natural forms and landscapes at the Neonchocolate gallery in Berlin. a tree is not a tree an alien is not an alien a gnome is not just a gnome a home is not just a home….





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