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floating landscape | 14.09. - 10.10.2013
Anne Katrin Stork

Anne Katrin Stork shows in the super bien! greenhouse a multipiece of plastic artwork consisting of colored glazed ceramics. Stone alike, closed forms lay on the white ground and next to that are nearly decomposed plastics which remind of plants. The works are standing for themselves without the typical pedestal help and occassionally also in rain puddles which were build in a period of showers. Nevertheless, because of such a minimal presentation develops a silent strength while observing the inside of the room. The installation nourishes from the dialog between color and form, between control and allowance, between past and present. It accrues a surprising polyphonic of the composition which challenges the vulnerability of the art piece.

In a blue-green colorfulness oscillating the noticed moments from light to dark and narrate of the reluctant of confident monolith. The out of stone based forms persuade an ancient origin of standing about things. Moreover, the stopped stand of floating, which is indicated with the the colorfull glaze, lets the present last. The moment while the glazes change from a floating condition into a solid stand is correnspondence to a conscious and careful molding of the forms. Some of the works are standing noticeably in relation to each other while others refuse the relation. Everything together is building individual aspects of an imaginary but incomplete landscape. The white ground appeals as an clean etched surface and substitutes the missing in between. Simultaneously it cools the lightning of the colors and creates space for the own being.

As a sculptress and photographer Anne Katrin Stork deals with humans and their world. The landscape plays an increasingly high role in her artistic work and the human being progresses into an observer who is finding his space in between plastic artwork. The artist incoporates colour as an element in her work. That´s the way polyphonic, spacial artwork accrues which refuses an obvious belonging. ( Translation: Sophia Macha

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