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Christel Fetzer und Christiane Stegat | Schabracke

09.05. - 27.06.2014

Friday 09.05.2014, 7 pm

As a response to the exhibition location super bien! the original function of the glasshouse has been redefined. Starting as the greenhouse in an allotment it has been transformed into a display case, a receptacle of art. Christiane Stegat und Christel Fetzer assign an additional function to the house, it dictates the form and display for the work: Schabracke.

The wooden construction covers the greenhouse on its flanks and its roof, this makes the greenhouse itself and its functions in invisible. The visitor encounters the facade of a hut. Through the aesthetics of the cover the greenhouse gets visually relocated into an allotment and is reduced to its most original form, a house.

Looking at the open front/face of the glasshouse, it is possible to see the cross-section as an empty shape. It could be seen as a module which could be continued on the two sides and repeated and extended at will. A solution for an unknown problem, Schabracke is a pragmatic product resulting from the resources of its location. (Schabracke -german -: rich embroided throw (over flanks and backs), pelmet, saddle pad, colloquial: old, worn out woman, shrew, old hag )

The project at the project at super bien! Is the first time that Christiane Stegat und Christel Fetzer have been working on a project together. Both artists have realised a number of commissions in the public realm. Both work with themes of principles of order, structures of social conventions, re-evaluation status quos and their work responds to them in different manners.

Christel Fetzer und Christiane Stegat | Pressrelease



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